Some Attitudes that results in Kidney disease that caused the Damage

 Doing these bad things to a person can lead to kidney disease (Nephritis) so if you have a cold or it is something that you are allergic to then stop.

1) Delaying urination

Delaying urination is a form of urinary incontinence. If you urinate too much, it may be difficult to urinate. begin to return to the kidney and then the problem will start.


Not drinking enough water is also a problem as a person may feel thirsty and drink a little or even eat a lot of fatty foods but refuse to drink water at all so especially heavy and carbohydrate foods & protein). A person with such a condition cries out for water and you do not drink unless you are jealous

Then, when you have finished eating, turn off the hot water, and burn the tea, not the cold water. Inko is cold so finish eating in about 10 minutes


Excessive salt intake is a problem for the kidneys and not for high blood pressure, especially people who have a tendency to overeat or eat too much salt if it is not right for them, should also keep it interfering with the function of the cortex in the kidneys.


Failure to treat minor ailments or symptoms that a person sees or is not treated ethically can be cured such as abdominal cramps or abdominal cramps, hot flashes or sore throat or menstrual cramps. As a self-employed doctor, he often used paracetamol and iodine in his body.

Also, taking the medication illegally, and not as prescribed by a doctor, and by someone who is not a doctor (self medication) is very harmful to the patient so anyone with this type of habit should stop it. Because its Kidney disease invitation card.

And health officers sometimes help with this drug overdose. Pharmacotherapeutic drugs not only know the symptoms they are causing but also often prescribe without taking even a history of other diseases that are contraindications to drugs. Fear God if you do not do your training and give the job to the owners.


Eating more meat than usual. People with this habit should also know that it is not uncommon to eat meat every day or only 1 or 2 days from the leg, in fact you may not be able to move your mouth or mouth and try to exercise. one must take care of oneself.

Inadequate nutrition can lead to malnutrition. Due to old age or the prospect of being overweight, people with epilepsy should also be careful.


Physically wants service like a car if its is turned over safely. So the body also needs rest, bathing, wearing clean clothes and good nutrition is not expensive. It is a good idea not to always include the same amount of carbohydrate or protein in your body.

Do you eat these (corn, turnips, potatoes, yams, cassava, nuts, flowers, etc.) even if you do not eat them for one day? , protein, and minerals ai good structure.

Urinary incontinence

If you have symptoms of cold sores, ejaculation, or anemia, you should refrain from saying that whether or not the treatment is going well or not.


▶ Back pain from below or above the shoulder,
Changing the taste of black to brown or rusty metal,
Fits Urinary incontinence darker and more prone to urination,
Depression and inability to concentrate,

▶ Lots of laziness,
So go to the doctor immediately because these are symptoms.

God bless us! It's small and safe.

(Ibrahim Y. Yusuf)

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