What you should know about Muslim-Muslim and Muslim-Christian ticket

The Chief whip/Member representing Lere Local Government at Kaduna State Youth parliament, Mubarak Ibrahim said that First of all, politics is politics, to me APC's Muslim -Muslim ticket is a mere political calculation that they think will give them victory. I don't have any problem with that. I don’t know why people cannot think beyond religious sentiments.

He said this in an interview with The Voice Online Nigeria, Those that chose the Muslim-Christian, Christian-Muslim, Christian-Christian thicket too does that for their own interest(to clinch power).  

He said that, "The important thing is competency. Let's stop chosen people base on religion . Lets always go for The Best Man for The job.  Isn't religion that lead but The people then what's the problem if it's Muslim - Muslim or Christain -Christain ?" He said.

Mubarak also said, "The 2023 Race will be though one because both Atiku and Tunibu are very strong politicians. So , fight of the Titanic. But APC has an uppers hands with the power of incumbency,  if they work very well, I think it s going to be wine."

"And for PDP there is still another Crises after chosing Okowa as vice president, the like of Wike of River State, and Benue state governor are not happy with the decision, unless the crises careful handed PDP will laid to rest."

He further said, "To be Fair both Atiku and Tunibu are people with Good ideas,. Tunibu has proven that as the governor of Lagos State. He has transformed Lagos and also conquered southwest. His wining primary doesn't come as surprise at it took him decade to build men that made him realized his Life Time Ambition."

"Atiku is a politicians and he is a very good business man who knows economy very well.  He shown it several time that he will transform Nigeria. With plans on ground that released so far, none of the candidate prefer like him."

He acknowledged that, "I'm a Nigerian, and I believe in Nigeria. So I see no reason why we will be clamoring for region. Politics is a game of number and negotiation. It's time for us to come as one as a nation and chose the Best leader for ourselves.  We should desist from being too sentimental.   We should always go for The Best.  Not for our tribe, region or religion."

This is a bad signal. We should play democracy since that's the system we operate.


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