Christiano Ronaldo turns down €200 MILLIONS proposal by MLS club

Christiano Ronaldo turns down €200 MILLIONS proposal by MLS club

It's important to mention that was a busy summer around Cristiano Ronaldo. 

According to transfer expert, Fabrizio Romano, Cristiano is always been professional. We heard many stories about Cristiano. Ronaldo problems. With the hard problems with the club. Absolutely not true. Cristiano Ronaldo's always been professional that same point, he tried to find a solution during the summer. We know that we shall see. It was a possibility for two. But not for Thomas to help. Tuchel said no to that possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo to Chelsea. 

Then we know that program and it was like also Bayern and Bayern decided against the deal because of their philosophy because of their policy into the club with the age of the players with a salary per player. 

So this was two points for Christian or not, but I'd say we do most of MLS but there was nothing close with MLS clubs for Cristiano was a club from Saudia Arabia is True. That there was a club from Saudi Arabia prepared to offer crazy money to Cristiano. Ronaldo more than €200 million euros in a deal for two years. 

Two-year contract and the package of 200 million euros more than 200 million euros to Cristiano Ronaldo a really crazy proposal from Arabia proposal that has been buried for many many weeks because they were trying to thank Christiano but on Christiano side. He never wanted to change the level he wanted to stay at the best European level at the best level in football in general. So in the Premier League Of course and this case with Manchester United and so this is why Christina was never close to join this Arabian Club but they made that proposal, that was a crazy incredible bit but Cristiano Ronaldo Wanted at the end to stay at Manchester United to turn down that possibility. 

But it's true that it was one of the many chances that Christiano had during the summer with Organizations for, in the market and you end up staying at Man united Of course, for Cristiano Ronaldo is important to mention that we have to see what happens in the future, Now is focusing on my United of course  Premier League, Europa League domestic cups, Christiano wants to fight to win, titles with Manchester United, and then, to discuss his contract situation, and his future, in general, in 2023. 

But it's true that he received that crazy proposal, and he said, don't do that thing. Something historical for a comments.f Single player, something really incredible, something, unbelievable But his son, who wanted to continue with the current condition over the possibility of going to these Arabian Club, despite every crazy crazy proposal.  

let me know your thoughts on this question around the story because you know, when I see these kind of numbers is something really impressing. So what do you think it was the right choice for Christiano, turn down that possibility as I mentioned to one more than 200 million euros. For two years there in Saudi Arabia, or you think was a good chance for a place? They are not do better to go there or to stay at Manchester United, waiting for your opinion in the comments box.

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