Latest on Harrison Jalla

Latest on Harrison Jalla

With the recent development in Nigeria Football circle, it is quite clear that out going NFF President Mr. Amaju Melvin Pinnick has been vindicated and Pinnick is a patriot who believes so much in the growth of Nigerian football.  Mr. Pinnick boldly confirmed on a national broadcast that he's  no longer running for another term in office and swiftly set the ball rolling by calling the much awaited AGA which led to setting up the electoral committee.   

However, it is now crystal clear that one man and his cohorts have been playing the dirty role behind the scene with help of some disgruntled stakeholders who masked themselves as good samaritans but unfortunately is on the contrary. The name  Harrison Jalla always springs up in Nigeria Football for the wrongs reason and this is a  clear indication that  Jalla was never and will never be that man that has Nigeria Football at heart.  For over a decade, Jalla foolishly runs to seek for  court injuction to stop the  NFF election from holding but all his efforts proved abortive. 

Harrison Jalla is also not ignorant of the fact that football matters in accordance with international best practices are not taken to civil court and for him to always run to a Federal High Court seeking to stop an election that  will ursher in a new NFF administration is a clear depiction that Jalla should not be trusted  not even once to come close to our football  administration.  

It is also well known fact that Harrison Jalla is not perpetrating all these  alone but rather with the help of some so called "Ogas" at the top echelon of  Sports administration in the country.  Jalla should have been called to order and be warned to restrain from all these antics of his.  To butress this point, a couple of days ago, an unscrupulous group threatened to set ablaze the venue of the forthcoming NFF elective congress in Benin and the funniest part is this threat is being treated with kids gloves.  What does this implies? A copy of  acknowledgement was seen at the sports ministry.  What an eyesore ... For those that don't know who Harrison Jalla is, he is one tout desperately trying to find his way into Nigeria Football system by all means. Also, the handwriting is written boldly on the wall that Jalla's henious act is being supported by some disgruntled elements who are hell bent on destroying the entire football system.  This alone is more that enough for Nigerians to know Pinnick was never the problem of Nigerian football.  

Harrison Jalla is the  real  enemy of Nigerian  Football and as a matter of urgency, drastic measures should be taken on Jalla and all those masked men working for him for our football to achieve greater high.  Jalla is for sure  not oblivious of the fact that there are proper channels to  seek for justice in football system if only what he is agitating is purely not for selfish reasons. 

With the recent drama unfolding, Jalla will no doubt perpetrate even worst than what he is accusing those in charge of our football today. I strongly advise without hesitation that Harrison Jalla should be slapped with a world wide ban from all football related activities like Chris Giwa and co because Jalla has never and will never mean well for Nigerian football.  Lastly, I call on the Federal Government and all security agencies to take the  threat bombing the venue of elective congress seriously as lives of innocents Nigerians is  in jeopardy.  

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