Moves to block Kaduna-Abuja Road unacceptable - Security agencies to ensure enforcement

Moves to block Kaduna-Abuja Road unacceptable - Security agencies to ensure enforcement

The Kaduna State Government wishes to remind members of the general public that any move to block the Kaduna-Abuja Road (or any routes) in order to express dissatisfaction, is unacceptable and a prelude to breakdown of law and order. 

Commissioner, Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Kaduna State, Samuel Aruwan stated this in a release.

By this notice, individuals or groups planning to restrict citizens' movements are advised to desist in the interest of public peace. While the Kaduna State Government is not depriving citizens the right to express discontent, public security and safety must always be the foremost consideration.

The danger of barricading a strategic route like the Kaduna-Abuja Road is better appreciated within the context of ongoing security operations covering the route, and other areas of interest.  

Keen attention must also be given to the possibility of certain gatherings degenerating into violence.

Citizens are therefore strongly advised against participating in such processions, particularly those which will impact the normal socio-economic activities of other citizens, or expose lives to unnecessary danger. 

Citizens may kindly be reminded that collective security should remain the first and most important consideration at all times. Individuals, unions and other groups are therefore urged to note this advisory for strict compliance.

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