The Next Leadership Of NFF Should Be About Capacity, Not Ethnicity.

The Next Leadership Of NFF Should Be About Capacity, Not Ethnicity.

By Akin Bolarinwa 

Leadership is a creative lifestyle which shapes the future of the system that drives the progress of humanity. 

Its determines where we are going as a generation and as a football family. 

Also, how many of those aspiring to occupy the NFF number one seat can bring millions of dollars to football, because money indeed thrives football.

Today, we have many aspirants,  the question is How many of them have all needed  capacity to attracts investment to football.

Can we point out just three with the tenacity and connects with captains of industries and government in power.

How many of them are erudite and polished to mingle with top elites around the world.

As we, count down to election date, delegates must act wise and think football first, no one should play ethnicity at the expense of competence and good governance.

No nation will survive through an incompetent leader, football will die if we vote in someone with no capacity to lead.

The moment we play the ethic card then we have killed football and we all will face the hash consequences then after. 

If we, don't get it right now then we have no one else to blame but us.

All we want is someone who can bring money to develop football and not someone who will stress football development by depending on government to survive. 

Football is not about being North or South nor about East and West, the game is about us, so let's play safe.

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