Religious leaders enjoins Wealthy individuals to donate clothes to Orphanage Homes

Religous leaders enjoins Wealthy individuals to donate clothes to Orphanage Homes

By Abdullahi Alhassan, Kaduna.

As the harmattan season is approaching, there is the need for people to wear warm clothes during the season.

A Team of Northern Nigerian Clerics have called for the provision of Blankets and warm cloths ,hand globes and head warmers to the needy, especially, the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as well as people on the street  to protect them against all forms of wind and Harmattan cold.

Every year the Team of both Imams and Pastors usually visit some street beggars to discuss on issues related at the end of the year. 

While visiting some motherless and Destitute homes, they called  on the wealthy individuals, companies, government and Non-governmental organisations across the country to the needy with cold related clothes.

There is need for people to donate clothes to churches and mosques which would be taking to the needy in order to protect them against the harsh of the season, both church and mosques will be the collecting Center. 

In his remark, Leader of the christian clerics, Pastor Yohanna Buru, who also led the team to some street beggars emphasised the need for Nigerians to donate cold-protective clothes so as to protect them from diseases and respiratory infections such as conjunctivitis, asthma, cough and catarrh, tonsillitis,

”The Harmattan season comes with its own challenges to Health and environment, to skin and also to hair and the body in general. The season is about to start any time from now, and there are thousands of IDPs, beggars and destitute with thousands of Orphans at orphanage homes, mostly children that really need the assistance of Nigerians." He said

 Banditry, kidnapping and terrorism activities has caused the increase of displaced persons across the North and hence the need to start raising more campaigns and awareness to the general public to support the needy 

Everyone has started buying cold -protective -cloth for Himself and children, but very few Nigerians care about the life of street beggars, destitute and IDPs at various camps at harmattan season”

"There are plenty reward in heaven for assisting the needy with blankets "

Similarly, a Muslim scholar Mallan Nurudden Mohammed says, there are plenty of blessing attached to who ever donate cloth or blanket to IDPs, destitute, or any needy. 

Adding that the Almajiris on the street begging with scattered and dirty clothe need assistance to make their lives better.

Meanwhile, the national president of an associations (beyond the border of disability in Nigeria ) comrade Rilwanu  decried of neglect and stigmatisation by Nigerians to physically’ challenged persons by not involving them in most development activities in the country.

Rilwanu said “No one care for us, and protect us and our children at any Good or bad season only Allah

He called on government to be supporting the needy against any disaster

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