2023 Elections: Religious Clerics Tasks Nigerians for Peaceful Polls

2023 Elections: Religious Clerics Tasks Nigerians for Peaceful Polls

By Abdullahi Alhassan, Kaduna

Barely less than three weeks to 2023 general elections, Clerics from Islamic and Christian faith, have called on Nigerians to shun all forms of political violence during, before, and after elections.

Speaking to Journalist in Kaduna at a Public lecture organized by Sabil Charitable lnternational organization,(SCIO) with theme "Promoting Tolerance,and Peaceful Co-existence Before,During,and after 2023 General Elections"the chief Imam of Sultan Mosques Kaduna, Sheikh Mohammed Suleiman,Said" is high time that we should not involved in any form of political violence ,during, before, and after 2023 General Elections, for the development of this country.

"As a Citizen how have right to vote, uses your vote to votes  any candidate of your choice,and how ever you think  have not done well to you, votes them out, you don't have to take Weapon destroying killing one another in the name of defending your candidate.

The lslamic Cleric further explained,our youths shouldn't agree to be used by Selfish Politicians, as political thugs, "you're the leaders of tomorrow how will be shoulder of leading this country,so don't allow yourself to be use as political thugs during campaigns or destroy  kill your brothers, elections will come and go live us together,he noted. 

Also Speaking Chairman of Christian Association of Nigerian,(CAN) Reverend John Joseph Hayep said "Election should be an opportunity to those how will lead them, unfortunately in our society today elections become where society create division among community members, citizens among people of divers interest.

"I joined this group today to say look we most no promote religious whatever division instead elections should be a period where we come together to kick out those how we probably think didn't serve us right,so how do we do that we must make our elections free violence elections.

The CAN Chairman further explained that"So when we allow elections to be Vote violence we bring the issue of credibility to the people we are going to bring to the board, the fact that legitimacy comes to bear the legitimate, because is was the course of violence that he became Governor or President of the Country.

Reverend John Hayep, " l appeal to Nigerians since we are crying that things  going well let just join hand to votes the candidate of our choice, change so that we get the desire change we want from government, when we stop fighting each other,we are not going to divert attention, we are not going to downplay the must important issue to what is not, no Nigerian is your enemy,no Nigerian is fighting you,every Nigerian is just tired.

"We are all doing together we are all looking for Naira together,we are all looking for the opportunity together,

I really salute this woman for lnitiating this idea for Tolerance and Peaceful Co-existence during, before,and after elections, he added.

Earlier in her welcome address the president of Sabil Charitable lnternational organization, Hajiya Halimatu Sadiya Abdu , Said "the main purpose of our being here today is to listen to a lecture on promoting tolerance and Peaceful Co-existence before, during, and after 2023 General Elections.

"You will agree with us that this topic is very timely considering the forthcoming elections,it is has always been observed that during such periods politicians and their followers usually engage in making uncivilized comments and attacks on their opponents during campaigns.

The President maintained that"Such mudslinging does not augur well on the people that are supposed to govern our country and can easily trigger unrest and cause Crisis in our country,no meaningful development can take place in any society if there's no peace, the public and parents should caution their children against any political upheaval,as the youths are usually vulnerable and ready tools for forms of crime meagre amount of money, we pray to Almighty to have a very peaceful elections and let peace reign in Nigeria, she concluded.

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