Northern leaders fume, says Atiku is a traitor, must be rejected

Northern leaders fume, says Atiku is a traitor, must be rejected

A group, the Concerned Leaders for Northern Future , rising from a meeting in Kano Sunday evening, described the declaration by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate,  Atiku Abubakar’s promise to set terror group leader, Nnamdi Kanu free unconditionally as blatant treachery. 

The Northern Leaders drawn from all segments of the northern society said the revelation of Atiku’s position on Kanu has exposed him as the Judas among trusting northerners who must be avoided and totally rejected at the coming polls.

Speaking after the meeting, convener of the Group, Adamu Abubakar Mafindi wondered the sanity in anyone aspiring to lead a people thinking of freeing without trial, a felon who has masterminded the killings and unprovoked ejections of innocent Northern Nigerian citizens, destroyed their properties, displaced their families, instigated attacks on security personnel and national defense assets, and declared an independent state within the Nigerian state.

"With this open disdain, callous indifference and lack of feelings for the hundreds of bereaved families, thousands of orphaned children and widowed women for no offense other than being northerners, Atiku should know that he has disappointed the North and should not expect support from the Northern voter. 

"Additionally, while all genuine and true leaders are speaking up against the harsh economic situation Nigerians are having to grapple with, Atiku, in blind desperation, has betrayed a deep seated hatred and unconcern for the pitiful plight of the common masses of the North and Nigeria generally, who are currently at the receiving end of wicked,  inhuman, economic and financial policies.

"By this we say in the strongest terms that Atiku and his co-collaborators have murdered sleep and should expect to sleep no more. The North should and as a matter of fact, must reject him and other traitors at the polls, " the concerned leaders said.

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