The 10th Nigeria House of Reps. Speakership: Tajudeen Abbas worthy of the crown

The 10th Nigeria House of Representatives Speakership: Tajudeen Abbas worthy of the crown

The just concluded elections shows that our electoral process as a nation is getting towards it's best to meet the standard of the world. The elections have been won and lost and many who believes they have unjustly lost have proceeded to the next stage which is the tribunal.

One of the few who enjoys a landslide and unquestionable victory is Abbas Tajudeen PhD who battled through two major opponents to emerge victorious. While basking on the euphoria of his victory and that of others, it is important to note that the country is in dare need of qualified and experienced leadership at all levels mainly to correct some economic deficiencies of the present administration and to chant a new dimension in sustaining  the glory of the present administration while providing solidity to the security of the country.

Veterans like Hon. Aliyu Betera from Northest, Benjamin Kalu from the South East and Yusuf Gagdi from the North Central have all been projected partly because of their longevity in the house and some of them because of their Zonal affiliation which is a very viable calculation on the Nigeria political space. Amongst them all, Hon. Abbas Tajudeen PhD (Iyan Zazzau) stands out with the complete credentials that qualifies him without needing a permutation or connections to assume the highly coveted sit.

Putting the issues into perspectives, the following reasons makes Hon. Abbas Tajudeen PhD to stand out amongst them all:

 Education and Career:

Hon. Abbas Tajudeen PhD who holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration stands out as the most scholarly candidate amongst his peers, his early days career as a Lecturer gives him more edge in terms of knowledge, research, mentorship and community service which is a strong criteria when chosing for a giant country like Nigeria leadership personalities.


As a fourth time member, he has experienced different leadership  and have served in different capacity.

 He has served as member House committee on Road safety, Finance, and Appropriation and currently the Chairman House committee on land Transport. 

This shows the high level of understanding he has for the day to day running of the affairs of the House 

 Geo-political Zone

Hon. Abbas Tajudeen PhD is an illustrious son of the Northwest and a holder of one of the most revered traditional title in the entire Northern Nigeria (Iyan Zazzau).

Hon. Abbas Tajudeen PhD was born into the Mallawa rulling dynasty of the Zazzau Emirates. 

His grandfather Mallam Musa Bamalli was the first Fulani Emir Of Zazzau.

 Presently, his clan and lineage produced the present 19th Emir of Zazzau Amb. Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli who is his direct cousin. The Mallawa rulling class in Zazzau Emirates is one of the strongest rulling class in the entire Kingdom and northern Traditional institution. 

Politically, the Northwest Zone is the most populated with the highest number of registered voters. In fact the zone is the determinant of political victories for every presidential Elections. It's more befitting to reward the zone with the position of speakership as the zone is not producing the president and Vice President in the present political dispensation. 

To keep tact with the sensitive voters of this zone, it is important to produce their own son as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Hon. Abbas Tajudeen PhD has performed exceptionally well across his stints in the House of Representatives. He has a enviable 74 bills to his name with 20 of such been ascented to law. He is humane in his approach to issues if national concern, a philanthropy of unique class and well loved in his Constituency and state for his magnanimity and compassion towards the plight of the common man. He is one of the reasons the party retains it popularity in Zaria, Kaduna State because of his investment into human and critical infrastructure in the angle of constituency projects.

Lastly, Hon. Abbas Tajudeen PhD is an embodiment of knowledge, perseverance, honestly, initiative, empathy, hardworking and creativity which are some of the qualities of modern day successful l

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