Media organisations express concerns over trends that limits journalism Practice

Media organisations express concerns over trends that limits journalism Practice

2023 marks three decades since May 3rd was proclaimed “World Press Freedom Day” by the UN General Assembly in December 1993. 

The day is observed to raise awareness on the importance of press freedom, draw the attention of government towards media safety and to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

The last 30 years has witnessed drastic advancement in media development; the widespread acceptance of independent media, digitization of media platforms and media mainstreaming, these have increased both access to information and information dissemination the world at large.

However, these past 30 years have not been without their challenges, as the media industry continues to face attacks in various forms both by state and non-state actors.

Issues bothering on safety of journalists, freedom of expression, and media freedom remain at the core of human rights violations. 

In Africa, the problem of poor remuneration of journalists, government interference and outright suppression continues to limit practice of journalism; global trend revealing that journalists are the most targeted profession by repressive government.

2023 like other years has been a year of continued struggle for journalists who are constantly in the frontline of news coverage and reportage. 

It is worthy to note that so far, there have been at least 87 reported cases of press freedom violations in Africa. Reports have shown Nigeria having the highest incidences of violations this year, with cases associated to the February/March elections held in the country.

Africa media Development Foundation (AMDF) expresses concern for these trends which continue to limit professionalism and practice of journalism. 

Today we lend our voice in calling on government to ensure that media safety is top priority no matter the circumstances.

We call on philanthropists, corporate organizations, and media enthusiast to join hands in supporting media development at all levels; local or foreign which will go a long way in advancing quality journalism.

Citizens must desist from every form of misinformation, disinformation and fake news, and practice responsible citizen journalism that promotes peace and development of the nation. 

Authorities; political office holders, security agencies should embrace the media as a partner in development, and ensure that no individual and/or agency of government abuse their power by violating the rights of journalists within its region.

Our special tribute to all journalists who have lost their lives in the discharge of their duties, and to journalists who are currently facing jail terms, detention, or some form of incarceration, we hope that justice will find its way to you.

For every journalist and media supporter, we hope that the struggle for a free press will not remain evasive, but become a reality soon.

 AMDF remains resolute to support media safety and development, and we shall not relent in speaking against any act that violates press freedom in Africa. 

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