Speakership: Renown Islamic Cleric Urges Members-Elect to support Tajuddeen

Speakership: Renown Islamic Cleric Urges Members-Elect to support Tajuddeen

By Nuhu Basheer Masa

While addressing public on Monday at the world Press conference in Kaduna organized by Kaduna Patriotic Alliance, an Islamic Cleric Malam Auwal Maishago said that "Hon. Abbas Tajudeen has been re-elected several times by the good people of Zaria.

Just like I said, (Zaria) is a city of religious scholars. It is home of  Malam Na'iya,We have in it the famous Gidan Kona,Malam Yahuza's resident, and Zaria is home for Sheikh Auwal Albany Zaria. Notwithstanding, despite the concentration of this calibre of scholars and all famous people, you notice that this person (Dr Abbas Tajuddeen) has been receiving accolades and reverence in this regard."

"For this reason, we are calling on people across all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria to be resolute and make sure that their members elect in the House of Representatives support Dr Abbas Tajudeen as 10th speaker of the federal republic of Nigeria so as to reap the same benefits and dividends of democracy the good people of Zaria have been harvesting over the years." He said

Sheikh Mai Shago added that "I  don't know any politician in Zaria who is being cherished and loved by his constituents including men and children,youth and women like Hon Tajuddeen Abbas not only Islamic scholars  but students expressed satisfaction with his leadership style"

" I also do not think there is any amount of money sufficient enough to lure the calibre of scholars that converged here. I don't have this certainty because they came from different sectarian creeds and ideologies. However, the impeccable character of this person Dr Abbas Tajuddeen and the respect he has for the religion and the people, in general, necessitated these scholars to come here and support him". He said.

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