Maryam meaning in Islam - The Voice Online

Maryam meaning in Islam - The Voice Online

"Maryam" is the Arabic name for Mary, the mother of Jesus (known as "Isa" in Islam). She holds a special place in both Islamic and Christian traditions. Maryam is highly revered in Islam as a symbol of purity, righteousness, and devotion to God.

In the Quran, Maryam is mentioned extensively in the chapter named after her, Surah Maryam (Chapter 19). Her story includes the miraculous birth of Jesus without a father, her piety, and her steadfast faith in God. Maryam's character is celebrated for her dedication to worship and her submission to God's will.

The name "Maryam" is associated with qualities of virtue, humility, and grace. It's a name that signifies a deep connection to God and a strong spiritual presence. Many Muslim families choose this name for their daughters as a way to honor the legacy of Maryam and her esteemed status in Islamic tradition.

In addition to its religious significance, the name "Maryam" is also culturally and linguistically rich, making it a popular choice across different regions and communities.

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