Tolerance Day 2023: Christians Embrace Maulud Celebrations for Interfaith Unity

Pastor Dr. Buru

By Abdullahi Alhassan, Kaduna

In a quest to strengthen the bond between diverse Faith-Based Organizations in Africa, Pastor Dr. Yohanna Buru, a Nigerian Christian Clergy and Peace Ambassador, has embarked on an extraordinary adventure. This year alone, he has attended over 40 Maulud celebrations across the 19 Northern states of Nigeria. Talk about dedication!

During his recent speech at a Mosque in Kaduna State, Pastor Dr. Buru highlighted the purpose behind his visits - to foster interreligious harmony and tolerance, and to promote a deeper understanding between Christians and Muslims. It's all about building bridges.

The Muslim organizations have been showering Pastor Dr. Buru with daily invitations, recognizing the golden opportunity that Maulud celebrations present for Christians and Muslims to come together, exchange ideas, and strengthen their relationships.

But it doesn't stop there, Pastor Dr. Buru has been invited to meet top Islamic scholars in various northern states, where he has been presenting papers on peace building. Talk about making an impact!

As World celebrate International Tolerance Day on November 16, 2023, Pastor Dr. Buru reminds us all that Christians and Muslims are one big family under God. We worship the same God, have holy Books from the same God, and are all descendants of Adam and Eve. It's time to embrace our similarities and celebrate our shared humanity.

Mallam Gambo Abdullahi Barnawa, a prominent figure in the Muslim community, expressed his gratitude for Pastor Dr. Buru's consistent attendance at their Maulud celebrations, even during Ramadan.

 He commended the Christian cleric's efforts to promote peace and unity, and called upon the state government to recognize and honor peace agents like Pastor Yohanna.

As we approach World International Tolerance Day, let Pastor Dr. Buru's incredible journey serve as a shining example of fostering peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance for the sake of global peace and harmony. Let's all raise a toast to unity and understanding!

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