Muslim-Muslim Ticket: It is not a matter of a Muslim deputy - Comrade Mubarak

The President Lere Local Government Youth Progressive Forum (LELOGYF), Comrade Mubarak Ibrahim, made said it is not a matter of Muslim deputy but what they can do to take the nation to a higher level of progress.

Mubarak made the remarks in a post on his Twitter handle.

He said: "Initially, the presidential candidate, Bola Ahmad Tinubu, tested them by appointing Masari as a politician and a Muslim as vice president. They did not complain."

"Had he left Masari as his deputy, they would have kept quiet. It was not the Muslim issue that caused the trouble. It was the strength of the partnership and Shettima's character." He said.

Recall that it was only recently that veteran politician, who was fielded as the presidential candidate in the ruling party (APC) Bola Tinubu nominated Kashim Shettima as his deputy.

It soon became clear that the people were voicing their grievances, with some seeing Nigeria's political system as unconstitutional, given that politics has long been based on justice and the freedom of any party.

In the past, a Muslim or Christian leader was elected, and he chose a non-Muslim to go along and survive together. But this time the stance has changed as Tinubu removes Shettima as his deputy.

Do you think that will result in a better future for them?

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