Zulum unveils counterterrorism curriculum for Islamic Schools in Borno


Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum, took a significant step in the fight against radicalization by unveiling a unified curriculum for Islamic schools. The initiative is designed to counter violent extremist ideologies and prevent the recruitment of young individuals by terrorist groups.

In a ceremony held at the Government House council chamber on Tuesday, Governor Zulum expressed concern over the lack of a unified curriculum in Islamic schools for the past three to four decades. 

He highlighted the link between misleading preaching and the emergence of the Boko Haram insurgency, emphasizing the need to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Governor Zulum assured that his administration would rigorously enforce the implementation of activities based on the new unified curriculum in all Islamic schools. 

Stressing the importance of teaching in accordance with authentic content from holy books, he declared the government's commitment to ensuring compliance with proper religious teachings.

Moreover, Zulum outlined the alignment of the new curriculum with the policies of the National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies. 

He stated that students graduating from private Islamic schools following this curriculum would be eligible for admission to universities and colleges.

The Chairman of the Arabic and Tsangaya Education Board, Khalifah Sheikh Ali Abulfathi, provided insights into the curriculum's foundation. Based on the Maliki School of thought, it focuses on teachings related to Arabic, Quran, Hadith, Tauhid, and fiqh. 

The board conducted a comprehensive review of existing teaching methodologies and instructional materials used by Islamiyya schools to enhance knowledge and values.

Sheikh Ali Abulfathi urged parents and stakeholders to support the new curriculum, emphasizing the importance of ensuring every child has access to quality Islamic education. 

The initiative aims to create a foundation that not only counters extremist ideologies but also qualifies students for higher education institutions.

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